Nanne van ’t Riet is an experienced CEO and Board director. He is highly skilled in M&A, strategy development, capital raising and investor relations, and can speak on various topics of interest to entrepreneurs such as “Start Ups: where and how to raise capital?”, “Start Ups: the pitfalls of capital raising”, and “IPO or staying private: what is best for you?”

Nanne is on the Board of Allevi8, dedicated to promoting the health and wellbeing of those affected by significant physical or mental health challenges through evidence-based digital health solutions.

After an international legal and commercial career with Shell and Qatar Petroleum, Nanne took on the role of MD/CEO for an ASX listed company in the energy/drilling space. During the last 15 years, he has focussed on assisting and financing start up companies, primarily in the industrial technology and health sectors (including E-Clinic - purchased by now ASX:HSO; HealthNotes - purchased by ASX:MDR; BuildXact, Ecoguardians, Latitude 28 Produce, and AMLab).